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Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon celebrates his 38th anniversary as an internationally known rock and roller.

Born in Revere, Massachusetts, people began calling him "Boom Boom" because of his driving beat, the "whoos" that he would yell on his records and because his name was Cannon. In 1959 Freddy recorded a song that his mother had written called Tallahassee Lassie. It soared to the Top Ten of the "Billboard Hot 100 Chart". The song marked the first of 22 songs by Freddy to appear on the Billboard Chart.

A singer-songwriter-guitarist, Freddy has enjoyed a sensational nearly- four decades pumping out that "Booming Beat" for audiences. In recent years, he has averaged 125-150 concerts annually across the world; including stops at Disneyland and Madison Square Garden. He is probably most famous for his early appearances on Dick Clark's "Amerian Bandstand". Few fans realize that Freddy holds the record for the most appearances by a performer on "American Bandstand" (110 times). And although Dick has retired from hosting the syndicated show, Freddy continues to work with Dick on the road many times each year when he hosts one of his Bandstand reunion concerts.